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I believe that by trying to get rid of the spirits in the house (specifically: the boys' playroom), I inadvertently caused more problems. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but on February 10th, I had Alex help me hang up some glow-in-dark stars, a dream catcher, and a Pagan star symbol. We didn't cast any spells, do a blessing, or anything else... I simply wanted to help Alex try to make things a little less scary in that room; if he helped me put things up that were comforting to him, maybe he'd stop seeing things.

No... he hasn't.

And now Chris and I have been seeing/hearing things. Oh, joy.

I am getting tired of hearing heavy footfalls upstairs in our bedroom (we keep the door closed ALWAYS) when I'm alone and the cats are sleeping in the living room (where I spend most of my days) or in the boys' room, laying on the beds (I spot them in there when I go to investigate the noises). I can usually tell when the cats are wrestling with each other; there's scrambling, bumping, and light body slams against the floor, sometimes yowling. What I hear is entirely different, like someone is getting out of my bed and stomping around--like Chris is up there, but I *know* he's at work.

Chris has been hearing scratching noises (which may be mice, but he doesn't want to rule out anything just yet). I've seen something TWICE in our bedroom, something about the same size as me, and it seems female in nature. Alex saw a young woman (not a little girl) in his playroom, putting things into a container. Tonight, he saw a man come up the stairs, turn right (into the sitting room), and walk toward our bedroom. He thought it was Chris' dad, but when Alex told me the man had a mustache, I knew that *wasn't* George; George never had facial hair. So, I don't know who Alex saw...

In any case, the point of this is that I think my head injury on February 11th was not an accident. I am pretty sure I closed that freezer door after I wiped it out, so *how* did it pop open and swing out just enough to be positioned right over me so I would hit it when I stood up? Be skeptical, call me crazy, or just dismiss it, but *some*thing opened that door.

Chris is concerned about Alex and I, because I have been falling deeper into Depression--and Alex has been seeing more spirits. It's possible the two are connected; I could be manifesting something... or something has moved in here and is causing me to spiral downward. I am tired more often (head injury aside), I don't want to leave the house (but when I do, I feel better), I'm more irritable, I don't want to cook/clean/interact with others in the house, I don't want to engage in intimacy with my husband (but do because I don't want to hurt his feelings)... It's becoming a real problem for me. I haven't felt suicidal, but I am definitely very unhappy.

I want to make it known that I do not do drugs, I don't smoke or drink heavily, and I don't take prescription medication beyond Lysteda (2Xs a day, for 5 days each month), so it can't possibly be any of these things affecting my moods. Perhaps a small part of it is laziness, the things I eat, or pre-pre-menopause?

Still, it doesn't hurt to be safe; I *think* Chris is going to take some time out and try to cleanse/bless the house. He's also mentioned he's going to clear out some of the junk in the house. Whatever he does, I hope it works; because whatever is here isn't hurting anyone (thankfully), but they are causing discord--and that needs to stop.


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