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2013-01-29 12:05 pm
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Mean Mom of the Year...

Our two youngest sons have trampled over me for the last time. I am tired of the disrespect received from them when it comes to... well, just about everything.

I cook for them, and one (sometimes both) doesn't even want to make an effort to eat it. I wash, fold, and hang their laundry, and they just toss it under beds, in the closet (on the floor), and then tell me a day later they have no clean clothes. They hide food in their room (and weapons, apparently, as evidenced by Chris' Japanese sword found under Alex's bed!). Homework doesn't get done. They aren't reading as required by their teachers. They fight each other, sass us and their teachers, torment our pets, become glued to the TV, computer, or DS, run though stores, don't keep their room clean or do their one or two chores.

In essence, they are like little animals.

To combat this, I have taken things from them. I gave them a dozen copy paper boxes, and instructed the pair to fill them up with everything they had in their playroom: trains, tracks, action figures, stuffed animals, night lights, DVD player, TV, Wii system and games, CD player and audio books, DS and games, Legos... the only things I left for them were paper and crayons, board games, one card game, and many, many books.

We took the items to my mother's house in order to squelch the temptation to sneak into the basement to take back their stuff.

If they continue, I will take the remaining items left behind... but not the books. Those stay.

After that, I take their dressers and bed frames.

If they are even more determined to be little beasts, they will not be allowed to vacation with us this year. I will send them to my mother's, where I know they will not have any fun.

I dislike resorting to this, but must show them they need to be better behaved and nicer to me, someone who cares for them 24/7.